Life Creates Illness
You Create Health!
Far too many people suffer along with health conditions today so I want to give you a new ability to defend yourself and change your health. Health Canada reports that chronic disorder has been steadily rising over the last 60 years. Today, 3 out of 5 adults endure some kind of chronic condition and this suffering is rising at 14% per year! Chronic conditions range from regional pain, and chronic conditions like fibromyalgia to diseases like diabetes, which are taking the joy out of life. Where does all this suffering come from?

We have been indoctrinated to materialism of body mechanics with the idea that we just break down. It's not true. We are taught that physical-cause brings physical-symptom, which requires physical-remedy, but that is not the whole truth? Were not the same physical-causes happening 60 years ago? The other thing that has steadily risen, at the same pace, is the level pressure and stress we endure in daily life. However, since the 1960's amazing developments in cellular biology have proven that symptoms are a direct result of the discomfort we feel in life experiences! I published this understanding in a consumer how-to tutorial, "USING EPIGENETICS to Create Health" which is available at

In my practice over the last two decades I have recognized very often stress applied by other people is the origin of disorder. Physical disorder develops from common interpersonal experiences but more often from mental, emotional or physical abuses that we endure in our jobs and relationships. Those incongruent circumstances and abusive interactions are creating the physical suffering to come later. We know not what we do!

Illness from life is real. The emerging cellular science of Epigenetics has physically proved this and is the game changer coming to future healthcare. I have used this knowledge for over two decades helping people permanently overcome major life and health challenges with my Lifecare program. Let me share an overview that will put you on the path to permanently dissolving symptom, disorder and pain in your life.

BioEnergy Therapy presents: Breakthroughs in Self-Healing.

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Cellular biology research pioneered by Dr, Bruce Lipton, has found that every cell has a surrounding membrane made of the same material as our brain, which means that every cell has an intelligent capacity to perceive our thoughts of life. Each intelligent body cell is a team player that records and responds to the bioenergy flow of your thought carrying the experiences of life we perceive, feel, and believe. Each cell reflects this processing with sensory response in many ways from mild sensation to overt symptom. Consider the phrase, "listen to your gut feelings." Everyone knows that they can feel guidance to simple right or wrong feelings in the body this way but science is now proving how the body intelligently knows things with such certainty.

In 2005 a client came troubled with lethargic low energy and deep depression but in the opening session I always look at the bigger overview of a person's whole life beyond incoming complaints. I immediately questioned a detail in her health history form. She wrote that she had lost the hearing in her right ear 14 years before, and through many investigating specialists no medical reason has ever been found for her deafness. When I asked about that time period in her life, she described the final difficult years of a marriage that ended in divorce 12 years before. Her ex-husband had become a very aggressive, intolerant, outspoken, and critical angry man. Bingo! This abusive situation triggered her symptom.

I explained the entire body is a symbolic representation of how we perceive life and that the right ear symbolically represents the area of how we receive masculine, work related, and/or aggressive communications. I suggested that her cells, being team players, had unbeknown to her set out to protect her from unacceptably harsh verbal assault by shutting down the ability to hear aggressive issues. As I declared, "she had been deaf twelve years too long," she interrupted me with wide eyes, "Oh my God!" she blurted, "I can hear you now!" This was the first time the intelligent body perceived reason to stop self-protection. Her hearing in her right ear was now even better than the hearing in her good left ear. Truthfully, knowledge is the power to heal as I had not applied any treatment whatsoever. Over coming weeks she found this protection retriggered to deafness acting as a sentry every time she was confronted by aggressive people, even other women.

While we are convinced to live and die by materialism, we tend to disregard any spiritual aspect of disorder! However, this life is a spiritually choreographed experience for incarnate Souls. Our body at birth is Soul Consciousness made physical. As a physical symptom of our Soul Consciousness everything we perceive, think, and do during life has meaning and becomes a thoughtful addendum of change to this physical consciousness for good or ill. While science has convinced us to put all our stock into body mechanics we have forgotten that we have a thoughtful, purposeful spiritual role in life... and self-healing is a part of that purpose too. It is ancient spiritual wisdom to know that what we positively do to bring balance into our life also makes miraculous differences in keeping our health in equal balance.

I propose a radical old theory to you. Life has purpose and reason. Therefore, the body as the core of individual life must have purpose and reason. Consequently, we can not just have a broken body part or symptom without a life purpose behind it. And regardless of how we choose to observe and mechanically describe its many parts and symptom imbalances, you can not escape the body's symbolic display of life purpose through symptoms. So let's assume that there must be a reason for this unavoidable display of our life experiences in health. Perhaps this is an intelligent spiritual communication of life guidance; a red flag on the play of life, telling you to go change that last left turn decision, to a right turn? If this is so, every health imbalance actually has meaning and a spiritual right to be visiting your life!

I often see people who have been told there is nothing more that can be done beyond continued symptom or pain management with meds. Yet with self-work they do often come back to health after this damning physical prognosis. Doctors see this healthy result only intermittently as spontaneous remission but when focused on body mechanics it is merely unlikely that anyone works to discover the root life reason and resolve it to avoid the worst case outcome. Our objective shouldn't be to just soothe symptoms or put them to sleep. We need to answer the guidance and take away the spiritual reason for illness. When symptom no longer has spiritual purpose for being present, it must withdraw! I obviously do not believe in the no-win outcome for anyone! Achieving healthy body balance to permanently resolve symptoms is simply a matter of time and effort utilizing the wisdom of how life spiritually works.

I believe that instead of wisely using medications for respite we use them to circumvent spiritual guidance by masking symptoms from speaking to us. Regardless of how we invest in physical interventions of treatments, pharmaceuticals, technologies, or even natural remedies to relieve symptoms, we rarely ever release them completely this way! Due to life purpose, whenever we stop the physical intervention of meds or treatments the body's natural function of expressing purpose returns to display symptoms again. With Spiritual principle the body must take the first opportunity to reassert its symbolic communication that something is amiss in our life experience beliefs. While tinkering physically with meds to avoid the listening will bring a temporary relief, this can never bring permanent release of disease symptoms until you listen and resolve the true purpose of dis-ease perception in your life.

Since 1891 we believed genetic control provided hereditary predestined vulnerability to certain health failures, but it does not. Genetics is just a blueprint of good and bad possibilities that may be implemented. Cellular biology research since the 1960's led to the emerging medical science of Epigenetics released publically in the 1990s. This science proves genetics does not predict health. It is an advanced discovery that the genetic pattern is not in total control of health as we have believed. Epigenetics means over-control of genetics. Research proves that control of health happens with the cells reading the genetic pattern, which includes both healthy and ill attributes, and then purposely implementing health with certain parts of the pattern according to the conscious energy environment of belief that cells live in. The belief that cells live in is the direct result of your personal life beliefs of circumstances. These stem from unfolding new and different challenges but in part can be driven by experiences taught to you as extensions of your parent's beliefs of life. Therefore, hereditary dis-ease with life may actually be taught to us as hand-me-down how-to beliefs. These are taught as family wisdom in a way that brings us to make similar life decisions that bring the same resulting life experiences and disorders of our elders.

It's proven that cells are the ultimate authority governing deployment of the genetic pattern to display health with our beliefs about the purposeful life we are living. So, regardless of what health we may want, what we authentically believe of life actually becomes the state of health we are going to experience. Life is full of stresses, so, illness begins with stressful belief memory written to cellular structure, just as though our body is a hard drive copy of our life. If our perceptions of life were predominantly positive the information in cells would implement optimum health and longevity. With the vulnerability of Epigenetics, our negative experiences program us to have corresponding symptoms telling us to make changes to this life. At every moment we have real power in conscious choices and beliefs to proactively make our life great. With how we choose to believe in life, we are empowered by Epigenetics to be the programmers of how genetics will implement our health. This cannot be tricked by simply saying I believe this or that, your belief must be genuine.

To make it simple, if we think of genetics as the script for our life movie production and cells as the cast and crew who portray the script in the movie according the director, we start to see how changeable health can be. Imagine how different your movie would be with whimsical Spielberg, or horror master Hitchcock directing. Now consider that you are the absent minded director allowing life to happen willy-nilly and maintaining the most stressful beliefs to conjure up any kind of health without control. It's how Epigenetics manages health communications with or without our conscious control, whether we like the outcome or not.

In September 2005, I met an acquaintance socially who was very upset about a recent diagnosis of Diabetes a month before. With medication and diet to control diabetes he hated living with it and asked if there is anything he could do? My first comment shocked him as I casually said, "Sure, change your mind!" As a friend, I spoke to him about the real communication his body was making in a language of "dis-ease." While I only knew him as a happy positive fellow always ready to volunteer aid, the symbolic reflection of his body told a different story. Diabetes was screaming at him, after a long period of upset, to do something to change his situation and perception of bitterness in his life. He was dumbfounded. "How could you know how I feel about my past? As a salesman I pride myself on being a positive helpful friendly person but inside I have been very unhappy for years." Two failed businesses, two failed marriages, his children whisked away to live in Montreal against his wishes made him feel abused and in self-pity for lack of access to children and several bouts of depression over a dozen years. These were the bitter pills hidden behind his mask. And this year, he had discovered the partners of a third business venture were covertly abusing him by giving him a raw deal in the bookkeeping. That was the last straw that tipped his unhappiness into full diabetes symptom.

Diabetes is related to ongoing disenchantment with life, often distrustful, suspicious, fearful, and even cynical perceptions of the world. This poor digestion of the life experiences around him was interrupting the proper processing of all the sugars ingested. Even though processing is needed for body balance, reflection of bitter life imbalance purposely changes the processing of glucose to the cells. I emphasize that the pancreas is not in disorder or broken, it is doing exactly the job it is supposed to do! It is purposely and physically reflecting into the blood stream the level of happy, or discord and bitterness generally perceived in life. The flow of blood throughout the entire body symbolically represents an intercom bringing the generally digested perception of life for good or ill to every cell in the form of purpose filled perception as nutrient fuel. His health was giving him an order, "Create changes to your life to make yourself genuinely Happy!"

Through his friendly facade, he had never given thought to those things that bothered him as having any bearing on his health. However, with nothing to lose he decided to implement changes the body asked for, and in some cases this was to just take a conscientious stand to speak out for himself on issues rather than holding the upsets inside. I told him to confront the partners with their wrongdoing, to either fix the flow of funds or leave them and their deceitful inequity behind him. I told him to stop wallowing over his kids; don't pretend to be a poor jetsetter, spend a few tanks of gas to go see them once in a while. Make yourself genuinely happy! He began immediately in mid-September to make changes and planned an extended stay with his kids over Christmas. In January he arrived back from three weeks in Montreal, sick as a dog, and his doctor withdrew his meds because new tests indicated he was not a diabetic and the meds were making him ill!

I had not "treated" either of these people. What may seem miraculous was not. It was the miracle of life itself that was at work. The community of 4 trillion cells in your body is filled with wise and conscientious team-players who are always talking to you in a language of twitches, symptoms, pains and diseases about the stresses in your life. All we did was to listen and understand the directives being spiritually given. What we are really talking about is that a great many abusive life experiences can bring us into stressful challenges causing chronic illness. We are recognizing the mechanics of how those stressors are transformed into symbolic guidance for change. Knowledge given in spiritual directive was the Power to Heal Life by taking actions to fix what is wrong in life. We need to learn more of this so we can consistently Self-Apply Wisdom as the treatment.

For all sorts of conditions doctors readily announce, "This is stress related." The hard part is figuring out which stress causes what symptom. Of course doctors have neither the time nor the incentive to delve deeply into the meaning of life and disorder when its quicker to send you to the dispensary. This hunt for causal life circumstances is more a spiritual task of the metaphysician. Metaphysics is a theological study of unseen, usually spiritual, forces that affect human life. I believe that stress is more than a mechanical body defense as defined medically; it is an unseen spiritual force that utilizes Epigenetics to bring deep intelligent meaningful guidance into an understandable language of symptom. For over two decades I have made this study my life's work. Under the term BioSymBiology (Life-Symbolic-Life-Science) I developed a deep understanding of the language our health speaks. It is as rich as any other language that has words of multiple meanings.

Medical BioSymBiology is the most detailed and accurate crossover from medical knowledge to the metaphysical meaning of symptom. While most research has been focused upon proving how Epigenetics works, I began from the metaphysical side to determine what does this symptom mean to us and how do we find the causal stressors in a person's life history. BioSymBiology is a powerful Epigenetic resource that helps people find out what their symptoms mean and where to look for them in stress history. Its not easy to figure all this out but from this anyone may learn what they can proactively do with Epigenetics to change the outcome of specific health challenges. I digitally publish Medical BioSymBiology information to enable everyone to begin figuring out what is really behind symptoms at

Just learning of Epigenetics may leave the average person feeling daunted by where to start. It may cause inertia of wonder of what to do or worse changing the way you think may just seem so simple that when you cannot make it happen, you rule Epigenetics out as an urban legend. The truth is, there are pitfalls to authentically changing your mind. You must genuinely believe something different than your previous experiences dictated into your memories and to do this, there are a few obstacles. At first it may be hard to accept the ideal of changing your mind to change your health really works. The most important shift is to see beyond the medical model to believe that changing your authentic belief can change your health. However, so many people face other pitfalls to achieving this and become disenchanted or doubtful of this possibility. Not the least of which is discovering which memory is causing the specific disorder or symptom; what do I need to change?

I have successfully used Epigenetic methods powered with BioSymBiology in my healing practice for almost a quarter century. Many hundreds of cases of chronic conditions, pain, fatigue, breast lumps, colon polyps, kidney cysts have disappeared by finding and genuinely resolving causal issues. However, for some self-help people this is easier said than done. So obviously there may be something deeper to this than simply saying you changed your mind. Through many years of practical use with clients I have developed deep understanding of those pitfalls and lots of how-to methods. I published this tutorial in my book, "USING EPIGENETICS to Create Health" which is available at

My practice, BioEnergy Therapy is more than a treatment; it is a deep understanding of all life energies that spiritually conspire to bring life experience with purpose. These include the ambient energies around us as well as the vital life energy of Soul, energies of matter, purpose, spirit motivation, and energies of thought. All of this is how purpose and thought energy transits the body to trigger cellular actions in our health. However, we really need to recognize that there is a general misperception regarding what life purpose really is. As result of materialism we jump to a conclusion that personal purpose is about a career, or grandiose contribution. It is not. The Soul is a being of consciousness energy so it has no concern for materialism when it pens your contract of purpose. It simply would not write a contract of purposeful experiences leading to material achievement or occupation. The Soul embeds into your aura energy field the purposes of positively overcoming consciousness challenges like a personal boot camp to become the best expression of your Soul you can be.

Your energy field is completely interconnected to all others in what Carl Jung described as the collective unconscious. It is here that the intelligence of purposeful experience is triggered like a grand choreography of life. It doesn't matter where you go or who you choose to be with this energy of purpose is plugged into physics and other people here, to draw synchronicity of purposeful conscious interpersonal and event challenges to you. So materialism just provides the essential components required to face your hidden conscious challenges like; confidence, dependence, changeability, patience, discipline, judgement, trust, control, integrity. In fact there are dozens of these consciousness challenges that can create your Soul's individual Life Agenda of purpose. In fact most people regularly face more than two dozen of these Soul challenges in daily life.

There is a metaphysical system of KarmicDNA governing and implementing Life Purpose. It's an accurate mathematical tool (not from intuition) found in our oldest scriptures and overlooked for many hundreds of years. It is different from systems describing personality and karma as this defines the fresh Soul's plan or agenda of what consciousness challenges we came to overcome in this life. KarmicDNA is embedded in our electromagnetic strands of DNA as a plug-in to the physics of this world; it is the mechanics of synchronicity that actively draws certain people and events to us with purpose. While plugged into physics and others this is exactly the element that brings challenging circumstances with individual purpose that are the most stressful parts of our life. When those particular stressors are mishandled they become purposeful cause of symbolic health imbalance as guided wisdom for life decisions.

This system reveals metaphysical wisdom to provide a very valuable new perspective of personal motivations of anyone. It is hidden knowledge to use gifted talents and tools, to positively manage life experiences in this Theme Park for Souls. KarmicDNA enables anyone with very accurate information for a new perspective on old issues. This enables genuine change of beliefs to take away the purpose behind struggle, illness, and pain to have visited our lives. This theology is so rich it could take hours to share all your personal purpose without being redundant. However, you can get a personal introductory sample chart with a brief overview to see an example of the accuracy in your own life purpose by visiting When you complete the online form a custom three page printout will be created on screen and a simple click of the PDF icon will download your sampler for personal printing.

At the 2018 Toronto Total Health Show a woman confided that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She had already refused mastectomy and her surgery for dual lumpectomy was scheduled. I suggested that she come to therapy to prepare and empower the best possible outcome for surgery. Pre-op biopsies had showed a small precancerous lump stage 0 and a larger malignant papillary carcinoma stage 2 cancer. In five double sessions I hunted for, and found the stressors that would be causing such lumps. The mammary glands over the heart energy center are about harmony in whole love of self, spouse, family, and life in general so the imbalance was about disharmony within nonsexual relations. I found the origin of this cancer in conditions of marital abuse. This poor woman was in an arranged marriage where her in-laws and husband used her like a work horse. She was a mother who was well educated and for many years held a middle managerial corporate position while also managing motherhood and home duties, at the same time being solely responsible for all expenses while her husband furthered his education.

Through early marriage her personal life was only mildly coercive but as soon as her husband graduated everything changed. Pressure was abusively applied to constrain her life, to harness her into menial home duties and obstruct her from taking desired (earlier agreed upon), upgrade education and work advancements. With only mental shackles she was imprisoned in her marriage and treated like a second class slave. She had begun to plan and prepare for her covert escape to live alone with her child when the cancer diagnoses crushed her newly formed plan. She was swept up in cancer processing and after all, how could she even think of escape with her health in uncertainty.

In sessions I coached her to recover her plan, expect absolute success from surgery, and set a timeline for implementing the steps of escape preparation. I urged her to grasp her plan, take baby steps forward with it for now and never let go of her goal. I bolstered her with depth of understanding for her life purpose and how it was quarterbacking this entire process toward her needed independence. She discovered her power and her inner tools that can be relied upon. I gave guidance and moral support where she really had no one in this country to be in her corner. I saw her transform into her authentic purposeful self, and then perplex the in-laws by standing up to them and her husband to take back her self-esteem. As she grew stronger, they retreated from empirical abusive control of her life. By the time she prepped for surgery a great deal had changed in her life.

We were able to help her find authentic belief changes and empower her to take actions surrounding those causal issues to take away the purpose for lumps prior to surgery. Two weeks after surgery the analysis of the removed matter defined the larger lump was now designated ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) precancerous stage 0. DCIS is usually considered the earliest form of breast cancer, which has a low risk of becoming invasive. Doctors were baffled by the downgrade from earlier biopsy but it is just the spiritual Miracle of Life that we can positively change the meaning of things that purposely cause illness, to change cellular memories and the outcome they display in health. No matter what disorder, you can change your health too! It's your birthright to a positive life and you are empowered to do this. So let no one prevent you from the life you deserve.

In over twenty years studying the intertwined affects of life and energy of purpose on health I have never found a case where a purposeful 'life' reason did not precede the symptom or illness. While we may often observe a physical catalyst of a fall or virus present, there is always a discoverable reason or life purpose that precedes the catalyst for disorder. This reason to unlock and allow a disorder may have come even years before the physical disorder erupted. There are cases of a person falling off their roof with nothing but scratches, compared to someone falling off their front steps to land with a broken leg. Is this just luck or is there something more at the core of this. Is one person unlocked to allow disorder by certain purposeful cause before meeting the physical event, while the other endures a far greater accident yet is systemically immune and locked away from the disorder?

Consider that there is both a cause to allow, and a catalyst to trigger, any symptom. If this is so, it really means that our bodies are not simply vulnerable to random broken parts, infection, or physical trauma. Perhaps, this required combination of both reason and risk is why nurses, even many decades ago working with infectious disease before vaccines, did not necessarily succumb to disease they treated. It's more than possible that disorder is dependent on the presence of purposeful reason before meeting the physical catalyst for symptoms to be allowed to appropriately affect some people and not others. Those who do not have the life reason for a disease to be present simply do not become affected.

Through the location, type, and intensity of symptom BioSymBiology provides a fairly detailed story about the life circumstances you have endured. KarmicDNA provides a shorter list of the kinds of stresses that will affect you more than another person. Combining the wisdom of both systems indicates where to hunt, in stress history, to find the origin of cause for any disorder. BioEnergy Therapy has the knowledge that is the power to discover the origin of cause quickly. Like nautical navigation taking a fix on three landmarks to find your place in the sea, I use triangulation of what BioSymBiology says health is stressed about, and, what kinds of KarmicDNA stressors you will have, and, your own description of stressful occurrences in your stress history, to discover the origin of any disorder. Once found, resolution of all symptoms and pain is near. We work in weekly 1.5 hour sessions. This process works with any symptom but I've had Fibromyalgia withdraw in as little as five months and it can withdraw both abruptly, or also, so quietly that one day a client looked up and said, "Hey, I don't remember the last time I had pain!" Today, that person is over two decades symptom-free from Fibromyalgia.

The presence of multiple, seemingly unrelated symptoms are actually creating sentences and paragraphs describing the dis-ease beliefs that stress you. So multiple symptom disorders like Fibromyalgia are the best illustrations of intelligent spiritual communications about the life we are living. Fibromyalgia is a name given to a long menu of 28 potential all-over-body physical symptoms and 11 mental/emotional symptoms that never occur in exactly the same list for each person. Medically doctors can not successfully tinker with F/M because they can not find a physical common denominator of all symptoms so they treat individual symptom separately. There simply is no physical commonality to find. Fibromyalgia is not in your physical body, it is in your Life!

The commonality between all people suffering F/M is that their accumulated experience of difficult circumstances in their stress history has come to peak at a very high plateau. While not all issues originate from abuse each sufferer has a longer list of stressed beliefs than the average person. These are from enduring far too many abhorrent life issues, across seven categories of thought. In this way, Fibromyalgia can be considered a "Barometer of Human Life Experience." Every one of those 28 physical and 11 mental/emotional symptoms speak to a different part of life experience that has gone bad to unlock and allow a symptom. Given a higher degree of life problems or more focused issues of physical, mental, emotional abuses endured creates the complex symbolic story named Fibromyalgia. Each and every human is susceptible to this, because the disorders associated to Fibromyalgia are all the frontline symptoms that every human body will portray to communicate a myriad of general life experience imbalances.

One of the most poignant examples of this in my practice developed almost two decades ago when a woman in her mid forties, who had already suffered Fibromyalgia for a number of years came to me. At age 35 all the symptoms erupted with a vengeance only three weeks after a major automobile crash so medical minds pointed to the accident as the "cause" of Fibromyalgia. While they do not know why F/M erupts after such an accident, this is often observed as the case. The medical prognosis was for her to expect to suffer with symptoms and pain for the rest of life. Unwilling to accept this as her fate, she had already spent years trying many alternative treatments with little or no success.

I knew that the car accident was only the physical catalyst that triggered dormant cause to be enacted so I began searching her stress history for circumstances of shame, guilt, judgement, blame, oppression of or suppression of personal will and loss of control, as these are the usual suspects behind many Fibromyalgia cases. It's a complex search to keep all the various symptoms on the radar as we discussed the many stages of life experiences from present day to oldest memories. We finally found the core of causal issues 16 years before the pain began. It was in early child sexual abuse by two different family members between the ages of 6 to 18 years. I cannot begin to explain the myriad of circumstances that underpinned so many all over body symptoms in this article but will share a few insights.

The first abuser was grandfather so the personal aftermath for such a young girl was a great deal of confusion between family and shameful feelings. The lasting impression into adulthood was self-responsibility and guilt in assumption that she must have done something to cause this. This was written to cell memory as blame for her complicity or fault for shameful involvement. After his death she never once before considered how a six year old could not be held accountable for the sexual misconduct of any adult, she just did.

A second teenage perpetrator carried on with uncountable sexual assaults until she was old enough to fight back but the emotional torment only really eased at age 19 when she moved away and left all family behind. A vast number of symptoms were caused by oppression of Soul-Will and loss of Self-Control, which held a huge weight of shameful judgement for a childhood filled with sexual abuse that was written into cellular structure as the highest punishable deeds one can imagine. We all know how memory recall becomes ever hazier as time passes and you may recognize that early memory often comes in fragments easily conjoined with stories that are mixed up together. This early life memory mash-up of sexual abuse was the origin of the most hurtful cause written to cellular structure long after the abuse was over. She held memory flashes of her perpetrator molesting her on the living room floor while her parents looked on from the couch with no objection. Estranged from family she always pondered this huge betrayal and why her mother cared so little to allow this sexual assault upon her.

We worked through these beliefs of her past, not only for her to recognize a child could never be guilty for the actions of adults but also her mash of memories could never have really happened. When confronted, mother was extremely disturbed to discover that sexual abuse had occurred in her home. While I do not condone child abuse or any abuse for that matter I also know that if something occurs in this dimension there is a reason behind it that must be uncovered. Not all purposes bring sweet life experiences. Each of the many possible symptoms that health will display accurately represents circumstances we have endured. It's like a bitter pill. Life circumstance often comes like bad tasting medicine with a powerful potential for finding our hidden abilities out of suffering with challenges that bring us to the extraordinary opportunity to grow and overcome these very issues. Obstacles and challenges often bring the most powerfully positive growth results; perhaps even focusing us on issues that are meant to be our real work in our life. Knowing and understanding the purpose is an empowering game changer that liberates negative beliefs with knowledge of what could have been done or learned, as well as the wisdom to make the future different.

Historically goodness always comes from struggle. Suffering exists on this planet for a reason. Suffering changes things for humanity. In the many various scriptures of different religions the results of suffering are all the same thing. Suffering leads to enlightenment, the Promised Land, resurrection, self-actualization, human health, wholeness and longevity. There is a spiritual growth in human capacity when we are able to see beyond the circumstances to find strength, confidence, and positive response to challenges. Polarizing issues of race, gender, and religion etc. that cause bad behaviours are changing and humanity is learning through awareness of abuse, to raise the standards of future behaviour. The purpose is our evolution.

In this way, KarmicDNA enabled us to see her Life Purpose and the reasons such circumstances would unfold for her to face the most challenging opportunities. She was able to discover her power and step into her truth. This became the discovery that she really came to be a restless seeker of truth and justice who came here to confront wrongdoing and reform the wrongs of life, to make this world a better place. Discovering this at age 44 made real sense of her too many observations of wrongdoing she had witnessed over the years, and to see that she had slowly become an activist helping others as she assumed the role she was born to play in these circumstances. It's never too late to become your purpose. Learning her purpose not only allowed her to shed her earlier beliefs but enabled her to become the powerful force she needs to be. The work we did not only permanently erased all signs of Fibromyalgia but changed and empowered her future forever.

I have had many clients who suffered years with Fibromyalgia, but suffer no more. With hidden Knowledge, we turn Hurt into Healing, Struggle into Strength and Pain into Power. All of these people completely liberated their life from suffering circumstances and the resulting symptoms. Some have been symptom free for over two decades without recurrence. Yes, every one of them found permanent release! And I have not seen a case where the client has applied themselves to finding and resolving the life reasons for their symptoms that this healing model has failed to resolve disorder. However, it's going to be different for every person so the process is to find your purpose and the inner talents, tools and power that come with them, to rise up and change the game, or change how you believe the game was played so you can take back control of your life.

The purpose isn't to live the hardship or be the abused; the purpose is to learn to overcome adversity to manifest your own way in life. Do you let life issues rule life forever or do you master them? From suffering we are empowered to create Chronic Health!

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